Engage patients, trainees, and staff with access to personalized content and updates from anywhere. Store images, videos, and more in the cloud for secure, HIPAA-compliant access when you need it.


Residents and trainees get just-in-time information before performing crucial procedures for the first time. Patients get personal messages and reminders, plus multimedia content for next-level mobile engagement and coaching.

    • Medical Reference tools
    • Clinical Workflows
    • Patient Outreach
    • Longitudinal Reports

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MobileCARE is a dynamic mBaaS (mobile Backend as a Service) tool built to power a new era of engaging apps for healthcare and patient coaching. We’re revolutionizing modern health services, one app at a time.


The flexibility necessary to collect all the relevant data for healthcare. Generate custom JSON-based mobile forms to collect data. Power native mobile UI's with dynamic NoSQL schemas


Pre-configured services to power apps that help teams meet shared goals. Quickly build custom apps with common implementations for generate dynamic teams, tasking, and alerts


Health data services for apps that generate reports and dashboards to track key performance indicators. Select from templated data visualizations for clinical performance support.

All of your Apps

One Common Backend

Our Team

David Rogers CEO

    Dr. David Rogers is the founder of Allogy. David’s research is focused on mobile software development for distributed service delivery, informatics, and humanitarian and disaster response missions.

    Nelson Chau COO

      Nelson Chau brings over 10 years of combined technology expertise from IBM, Intel Corporation, and Marvell Semiconductor as Allogy’s COO.

      David Venable CTO

        David Venable brings full-stack expertise to Allogy, and is the guiding force behind the company’s development strategy. He applies extensive experience designing mobile and cloud-based systems to crafting service-oriented architectures.


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